Buy my debut novel, The Decision They Made, and I will donate 50% of book sales to The Alannah and Madeline Foundation. The story has elements of child abuse and I would like to assist the Foundation's work of looking after abused children. Help me to help them by purchasing a copy of The Decision They Made.

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Debut Novel

Two sisters, Amelia and Simona Lillostra, share a secret. One so distressing to them it is never to be revealed. What they didn’t count on is a young Russian man entering their lives, a man related to Amelia’s Russian lover from WWII.
When TV anchor, Larissa Mina meets Alexey Dubrovsky at an awards night, neither has any idea there is a secret in both their pasts. What is this dark family secret and why were two loving sisters torn apart?

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A Billion Light Years

Dawa and Zenac want to escape from The Enforcers. They have three hundred followers who want to do the same. Why do they need to do this and who are The Enforcers? This is a thrilling sci-fi short story of a power couple wanting to keep humanity safe. Can they achieve this? If you enjoy science fiction, science fantasy and stories of heroes who do good for all, this short story will certainly keep you entertained.


A Crime Short Story

Raymond is accused of a crime he could never commit. To prove his innocence he will have to betray his friend. Does he understand the consequences of his actions?

The Shop on the Princes


Short Story

Gina and Albert are siblings. They help out in their parent’s shop, D & G Deli, on the Princes Highway in Unanderra, a suburb in Wollongong on the NSW South Coast. The shop is open seven days a week, but both want to play Saturday sports. How could they do this when their parents needed help in their small businesses?

This brother and sister are typical of children and teenagers in Australia who worked in their parent’s businesses during the 1950s and ‘60s. They dreamt of being the same as all the Australian kids. Going to the beach or movies on weekends and playing Saturday sports. All they want is to fit into the Australian lifestyle.



Read a sample of The Decision They Made

Enjoy this free sample of my debut novel, The Decision They Made. Once you've read the sample, and have enjoyed it, then please buy my story. It is available as an eBook and print (POD) at your favourite online bookstore.


5 stars

30 Oct 2020

I got a copy of this book through voracious readers only,
It's a short story with a lot of action! Some short stories don't give you enough information and leave you wondering what happened and how things got to where they were but this one is not like any other I have read!
I was gripped from the get go and it really didn't take long to read at all, I always found myself wanting more and not just waiting for it to finish!
Perfect if you have a little bit of time spare and want to just jump right into a story :)
Great job!

A great short story
May 17, 2020
Format : Paperback
Maria Frino has written a compelling read that takes you through the love a mother has for her children and the lengths she is willing to go to to keep them safe. It is well written and I would highly recommend it to any science fiction fan.

Hannah - Goodreads
Xenure Station: A Billion Light Years

5 stars
Outstanding debut novel
I received a copy of The Decision They Made from Voracious Readers and I have to say - I’ve absolutely loved it! A historical family saga set between Italy in the 1940s and the more modern day element in the 1980s, I wasn’t sure at first I’d the modern day part would feel a bit dated and historical itself - but I was totally wrong! You get completely swept up in the stories of Simona, Amelia and Larissa - everything is set in a way that it’s believable and you can’t help but be moved by their plight. An incredible debut novel that I would recommend

Alex -
Xenure Station: A Billion Light Years

Another urban myth is born

Reviewed in Australia on November 27, 2019

I found this intriguing urban tale just the right length and with just the right amount of character development to be very entertaining and enjoyable. Loner Raymond reminded me of Boo Radley's character in To Kill a Mockingbird.
The message comes through strongly that we shouldn't judge people adversely just because they are different to what we consider normal. A timely theme in light of the current xenophobic public opinion expressed around the globe.

Clare -
The Decision They Made

5 Stars
Interesting read
Thoroughly enjoyed this fast moving family saga. This book spans over three generations and although it is a sad story the love of a family triumphs.

Mark -
The Studio

Hi Maria,
I was very intrigued by the blurb, a historical mystery spanning generations is just my cup of tea. It didn't disappoint there. The characters were an eclectic bunch, the sort you could really laugh and cry along with. They really grew throughout the novel and I found myself rooting for them through all their trials. Well paced, this is a good book for snuggling up with!

Warm wishes,

Adele Murphy -

The Decision They Made

Sarah Sullivan - via email

The Decision They Made






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Novels and Short Stories

Maria has made a career of using words to communicate. Working at a television station, her first paid job, nurtured Maria's love of words. A move to Sydney to study Communications gave her the opportunity to work with advertising & public relations agencies, corporate companies and newspapers. She has written PR, ads and newsletters for products from food to jewellery, fashion and interiors as well as garden and building products. Both for traditional print media and digital. When she is not writing website content or as a senior reviewer for Weekend Notes, she works on her short stories and novels. Maria writes fiction family sagas, science fiction and contemporary fiction.

Her debut novel, The Decision They Made, is a compelling family saga spanning three generations and three countries. Full of dark secrets, flawed love and a decision no one was supposed to discover. 



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